Professional surfer and Shelter Surf’s founder and president

His home is the ocean. He has swam next to coral reefs, volcanic lava seabeds and sandbanks. He has surfed millions of waves around the globe and has broken unthinkable barriers based on great perseverance. European champion and the only Spaniard to have competed in the world’s surfing elite and at some point he was the fifth European to reach it (achieved in 2007). Pioneer in a discipline dominated by Australians, Hawaiians and Brazilians.

His desire to share his passion has encouraged him to found Shelter Surf, with the aim of teaching how to enjoy our environment, the sea.



She’s our general manager. Her years of experience in sports management and coordination, added to her years of training initiated with the Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport, make her our main engine.

Cheerful and energetic, she is in constant movement to offer the best of our sector to our customers.

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National surf trainer and big wave surfer

He’s our surf Coach. His 20 years surfing and 10 years dedicated professionally in all fields; contestant, free surfer, big wave surfer and as a trainer.

All this makes Indar a great coach, communicating all that experience to our surfers.


National surf trainer

From a very young age he moves between the waves and the vocation to teach others the benefits of surfing. His years in the water have given him the harmony that is so necessary to be a good teacher; patience, kindness, subtlety and communication.
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Personal trainer

He is our personal trainer and sports rehabilitation trainer, in addition to being the physical trainer of Aritz Aranburu. After several years playing handball in professional categories he has transferred his passion for training to our functional room. Thanks to his extensive training, he covers different fields: health, recovery from injuries, and specific training complementary to sports such as handball, surfing, marathons, football …

The sports world is constantly innovating and that is why he follows in an ongoing training hand in hand with the best as Michael Boyle, Craig Liebenson, John Gray, DNS…