Surfing as therapy for children in disadvantaged situations.

The NGO Kind Surf was created in 2012 to altruistically dedicate our work to children in disadvantaged situations, using Surf as a therapy to improve their lives. Aritz Aranburu is an ambassador for Kind Surf.

In 2017 Kind Surf, in collaboration with the Mediterranean surf school, managed to launch the first continuity progam with impressive results. Since then we have created smiles, emotions and danced on the waves.

The success of the Kind Surf sessions that have been held every year in the 4 Teens championship organized by Aritz, is more than documented. This is another reason why we wanted to go further and also create the continuity program for Shelter Surf.

So that people at risk of social exclusion can have access to the sea and to surfing on a continuous basis.


Our continuity program is divided into three calls: spring, summer and autumn.

These programs have 1 surf session of 2 hours per week with a duration of 8 weeks per call. We will work with different functional diversities, which in many cases means the ratio of work will be of a student-a teacher / a student-a teacher and an assistant.

Students will have everything they need for surfing at their disposal.:
Adapted school and changing rooms.
Adapted material.
Skilled and qualified instructors.


-Increased inclusion and teamwork
-Development and improvement of mobility
-Emotional and cognitive progress
-Sharpen their senses
-Increased self-esteem
-Stress reduction
-Mental relax



Fill the form and we will contact you as soon as we can.
Also, you can phone us on these numbers 943 473 650 / 684 457 531

    • It will be up to the technical management to decide on the content, objectives and material used in each session.

    • The student will be responsible for bringing the appropriate clothing for the proposed sport (towel, swimsuit, sportswear, technical footwear, sunscreen, etc.).
    • The group formed by the technician in charge or the technical direction for the development of the session will be respected; it may be modified for a cause beyond its control and with the approval of the technical direction.
    • Failure to attend a contracted session(s) without prior notice will result in the loss of the session and no refund will be made.
    • If the client informs one week in advance of their intention to cancel the contracted program they will be refunded 100% of the amount paid at the time of booking. If you cancel the same week or at least 24 hours before, 80% of the amount paid will be refunded. If you cancel on the same day, no amount will be refunded.