Shelter’s functional training room was created with the aim of satisfying the needs of athletes and other profiles, regardless of their objective or age. Health, prevention and recovery of injuries, improvement of physical condition and performance for people interested in improving their quality of life.

"Functional training is a global training concept which has the purpose of helping players, athletes or patients achieve their goals safely and efficiently. This new approach reflects an important evolution, going beyond the examination of isolated movements to focus on the study of movement based on systems and functional activities.” Craig Liebenson.

Gym Zarautz

We understand health as an comprehensive concept, that's why we work looking after people's well-being and the formation of healthy life habits, through physical activity.


Our training sessions will always be led by our trainer and will have a personalized character, thus proposing training groups of up to 5 people, with the aim of ensuring quality of service and attention.


Being a small training center, we adapt to the needs of our clients. Give us a call and we will inform you about the groups already active, or we will find the moment of the day suitable for you.



Are you injured?
Do you feel any discomfort which prevents you from carrying out sports or a normal daily life?

This service is a process of readjustment and/or modification of general and specific motor parameters, with the aim of incorporating the person as quickly as possible into sport, physical activity, work or daily life.

POSTURE EVALUATION: A test in which, by means of a series of tests, we assess the health and function of muscles and joints, checking the possibility of incorrect muscle activity in different movements, as well as the existence or not of joint asymmetries.

REHABILITATION SESSION: Knowing which musculature or joint is affected, this service is a specific training based on corrective exercises for the best possible recovery.

​only offered in the mornings. Give us a call and we will inform you of the timetables to find the right time for you.

-Valoración postural FMS (Functional Movement Screen) 35€
-Readaptation session 40€


Fill the form and we will contact you as soon as we can.
Also, you can phone us on these numbers 684 457 531

    • It will be up to the technical management to decide on the content, objectives and material used in each session.

    • The student will be responsible for bringing the appropriate clothing for the proposed sport (towel, swimsuit, sportswear, technical footwear, sunscreen, etc.).
    • The group formed by the technician in charge or the technical direction for the development of the session will be respected; it may be modified for a cause beyond its control and with the approval of the technical direction.
    • Failure to attend a contracted session(s) without prior notice will result in the loss of the session and no refund will be made.
    • If the client informs one week in advance of their intention to cancel the contracted program they will be refunded 100% of the amount paid at the time of booking. If you cancel the same week or at least 24 hours before, 80% of the amount paid will be refunded. If you cancel on the same day, no amount will be refunded.