​Surf as a teaching tool.

From our educational point of view, since our team is made up of teachers and graduates in physical education, surfing is an impressive tool for education. The capacities and physical abilities that are developed with surfing are many and very well documented: coordination, balance, space-time perception, strength, endurance... But this sport also allows us to work on values such as effort, perseverance, equality, respect, sportsmanship, solidarity and companionship. Another important aspect that can be worked through surfing is knowledge of the environment.

One of the projects that was created since Shelter’s inception. One of our dreams was to be able to bring surfing to all children, regardless of their economic means.

For all these reasons, we decided to create a project in collaboration with the Antoniano School, to include surfing in the school sport programme. According to Law 14/1998, of 11 June, on Sport in the Basque Country: "For the purposes of this law, a school sport is considered to be that organised sporting activity that is practised by schoolchildren during non-teaching hours during the period of compulsory schooling".

In May and June, the students of the Antoniano School come to Shelter Surf to learn how to surf, about the natural environment and enjoy an activity that takes place in an aquatic environment, always fun, surrounded by their lifelong friends. A experience hard to beat.


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    • It will be up to the technical management to decide on the content, objectives and material used in each session.

    • The student will be responsible for bringing the appropriate clothing for the proposed sport (towel, swimsuit, sportswear, technical footwear, sunscreen, etc.).
    • The group formed by the technician in charge or the technical direction for the development of the session will be respected; it may be modified for a cause beyond its control and with the approval of the technical direction.
    • Failure to attend a contracted session(s) without prior notice will result in the loss of the session and no refund will be made.
    • If the client informs one week in advance of their intention to cancel the contracted program they will be refunded 100% of the amount paid at the time of booking. If you cancel the same week or at least 24 hours before, 80% of the amount paid will be refunded. If you cancel on the same day, no amount will be refunded.